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About Rapid Ratings

Rapid Ratings International, Inc. is the creator of the proprietary FHR® (Financial Health Rating), the industry’s leading assessment of public and private company financial health.

Our disruptive methodology, scalable solutions, and unparalleled support enable businesses to effectively manage and price risks associated with the financial health of third-parties including customers, trading counterparties, suppliers, vendors, and investments.

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What We Provide Our Clients

Hundreds of leading organizations across industry verticals rely on the FHR’s data visualization and detailed reporting tools to provide visibility and early warning of financial deterioration or improvement. Rapid Ratings is the only company to rate public and private companies, from any industry, globally on the same basis and with the same depth of analysis. 

What Makes Us Different

Our ability to provide ratings across public and private companies is a hallmark of our service offerings at Rapid Ratings. We are the only firm that provides clients with the ability to look at the financial health of their counterparties and third-parties on apples-to-apples basis.

Leveraging our solutions and services, industry-leading companies are empowered to capitalize on opportunities with superior assessment and mitigation of risk.


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