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The FHR  Network

The FHR Network

Unlock the Value of Transparency

The FHR Network will change the way we collaborate around Financial Health

The FHR Network allows private and public companies to send Financial Health Ratings to their prospects, customers and partners through our secure network.

For more information, please contact Jarrod Shandley at jarrod.shandley@rapidratings.com.

Demonstrate strength. Disclose only what you want.

Distribute your financial health without disclosing your sensitive financial data.

Your partners have a lot of choices in deciding who to work with. Help them choose you.

Foster Trust.
Foster Confidence.
Grow Your Business

Some of the Fortune 500 companies that trust our Financial Health Ratings.....

Our ratings are trusted in the market as industry best practice.
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Fortune 100 Diversified Manufacturer
Rapid Ratings is very strong at analyzing private companies. Their accuracy and global reach, particularly among private companies, is key.

– Fortune 100 Diversified Manufacturer

Fortune 100 Technology Company
Rapid Ratings provides us access to an excellent financial health score, and are more or less the only company in the industry that has the ability to provide a reliable, data-driven FHR.

– Fortune 100 Technology Company

Fortune 100 Financial Firm
Rapid Ratings has provided us with a reliable, transparent and easily comparable ratings solution that allows us to effectively manage our supplier risk processes.

– Fortune 100 Financial Firm

Fortune 100 Machinery Manufacturer
Rapid Ratings is absolutely a business critical solution to us. We would not be able to calculate supplier financial health and risk scores without Rapid Ratings.

– Fortune 100 Machinery Manufacturer

Fortune 100 Diversified Manufacturer
We value that their ratings are consistent across all companies, and easy to understand. It’s great for us that everyone on our sourcing teams can make sense of what Rapid Ratings delivers.

– Fortune 100 Diversified Manufacturer

Fortune 100 Insurance Company
The accuracy and business impact of Rapid Ratings’ reports and ratings are a big factor in our continued use of the site. The quality of their performance to date has kept us coming back.

– Fortune 100 Insurance Company